Trend Report: The Art of Alchemy with Century

Milwaukee furniture metallicTwo times each year, our team of Milwaukee interior designers attends an exciting event where professionals can learn about new products, innovations, and design trends. These events not only provide continuing education to our staff, but also give us new creative ideas to use when designing spaces for our clients.

One of our favorite trends at this year’s event is titled “The Art of Alchemy.” We love the gorgeous colors and finishes and are so excited to share them with you.

Here’s a quick description of “The Art of Alchemy:”

The art of transforming base metals into noble metals was thought to be an Alchemist power. Alchemy differed from pure science in that it was mystical, spiritual, and magical. Whether your style is casual or modern, traditional or rustic, we believe the alchemists knew a thing about metals and their power. More than accent items, metals have become the defining elements from fashion to home décor.

Milwaukee seatingThis trend is especially great because it boasts the perfect balance between casual and formal. With bold prints and rich colors, the pieces for this trend are stunning and can add character to any room. It really is possible to have the glamour without sacrificing comfort, as shown in these artful furnishings.

We have incredible new pieces to show you at our showroom. Call or stop by today to speak with a Milwaukee interior designer. We are here to take your space to the next level, whether through a completely new look or a few new pieces or accessories. Finally, there is a beautiful Milwaukee furniture store, here to help through every step of the process.