Preparing Your Milwaukee Home for the Holidays

Milwaukee holiday home decorAs we welcome the beautiful winter weather, we are given the opportunity to transform our homes to coincide with the season. Warren Barnett is your go-to furniture store for the help of a Milwaukee interior designer. Our award-winning designers want to help create stunning yet comfortable spaces for you and your guests over the holidays.

As your start to bring out the holiday decor, there are a few things to think about. Take a look at these tips and contact one of our Milwaukee interior designers with any questions.


Accent lamps, floor lamps, and other lighting can make a huge impact during evening gatherings and parties. When preparing the rooms that will be filled with guests, take a look at the lighting situation. If you find the room to be too bright with overhead lighting, consider adding lamps for a softer ambiance.

Artwork & Accessories

If your room feels a bit dull or boring, artwork and accessories are the perfect way to bring to it new excitement and life. Maybe your bookshelf needs a splash of color – why not add a colorful vase or two? How about adding a unique art piece to that empty wall? No matter the goal, our designers can help you achieve it.


One of the best ways to bring warmth to a space is with an area rug. Our lavish, hand-knotted rugs will complement any space and bring new character to your home. Make your family and guests comfortable with a plush rug beneath their toes. Our designers will help you determine which rug is best for you!

At Warren Barnett, our Milwaukee interior design team is ready to help you create memorable spaces in your home. If you are preparing for the holidays and find yourself in need of something fresh for your home, call or stop by our Milwaukee furniture store to speak with a designer. We look forward to working with you!