Trend Report: The Serenity of Patina with Century Furniture

Milwaukee furniture store trend report We love to work with clients of all ages. Whether young professionals looking to outfit their first space or couples looking to furnish a down-sized home after retiring, we look for pieces that will appeal to many people. We are happy to partner with a number of fabulous brands, which allows us to carry products in a multitude of styles for all different tastes at our Milwaukee furniture store.

This month we are highlighting a trend that has resonated particularly well with our younger clients. The trend, referred to as “The Serenity of Patina,” is best characterized by soft washes that give an antique feel to new pieces.

Here is a short description of “The Serenity of Patina” according to Century Furniture:

Today’s younger consumers want patina in their homes, but not antiques. They respond to softer grey and oyster finishes because they feel fresh and updated. This market Century washes multi-step finishes over classic forms and weaves in pastel linens to create patina style.

Milwaukee interior designerThis trend is home to gorgeous details and elegant silhouettes, perfect for that traditional charm with a modern twist. Younger clients have been loving the patina style, but clients of all ages can appreciate its beauty.

With the addition of our new private-label upholstery line, we have more choices than ever. Call or stop to speak with a Milwaukee interior designer about custom furniture pieces for your home. To learn more about the beautiful “The Serenity of Patina” trend, visit our Milwaukee furniture store today!