Using Artwork to Make a Statement

Milwaukee wall artYour home tells a story. Each piece of furniture, every accessory, every photo is in your space for a reason – they speak to you and your tastes. Deciding what wall art pieces will make you feel most at home can be difficult. And pairing those pieces with other objects like statues, vases, and photos can be and even greater feat. Our Milwaukee interior designers understand this and work to bring you beautiful, well crafted wall art pieces to help tell your story.

Focal Point or Support?

The first step is determining the role your piece will play. Depending on the layout and existing structures, a beautiful piece of artwork can act as a focal point in the room. If your space boasts lots of open wall space, a large piece of artwork would be a great focal point. On the other hand, if your room has a bold fireplace, big windows, or other structural focal point, your artwork may be better off in a supporting role.

Big or Small?

The second step is determining the size. You want your artwork to complement your space, not overpower it. Choosing a piece that looks great but is too small will be a distraction and take away from the beauty of the art. Choosing a piece that is too large will make the room seem out of proportion. Our Milwaukee interior designers will help you measure the spaces in your home and discuss sizing.

Bold or Subtle?

No single style of art will work well in every space. That’s why there are endless style options to choose from – abstract, art deco, realism, cubism, and many more. In speaking with a Milwaukee interior designer at Warren Barnett Interiors, you can determine the style of artwork that will cater to both your tastes as well as the style of your home.

If you’d like to learn more about our fabulous selection of wall art and other accessories, stop by our showroom or call us at 262.790.1111. Our Milwaukee interior designers are dedicated to helping you find the perfect finishing touches for your space!