What Type of Sofa is Best For Your Space?

In a world with seemingly endless choices, it can be tough to determine the best sofa option for your living spaces. You may have a general idea of what you’d like, but as soon as you walk into a showroom you’re presented with something completely different that catches your eye. Whether you’re set on the sofa of your dreams or have no idea where to start, our team of award-winning Milwaukee interior designers can help you find the perfect sofa for your space. Here are a few things to consider.


More than anything, the size of your sofa is the most important consideration. If you have a larger living room, you want to be sure the sofa is large enough to match the scale of the room. If you have a smaller space, you don’t want to overcrowd it with something too large. If you think you’ll want other furniture in the space, as well, you’ll have to account for traffic patterns.


In some spaces, the furniture layout is a little more obvious than others. You want your sofa to be centered around the activity for which you’ll most often use the space. If you’ll primarily use the room for TV, be sure the viewing angles will work. If game nights are a regular thing, your furniture should be arranged in a semi circle around a sizable table. No matter your interests, our designers will help you create a beautiful, functional layout plan.

Shape & Style

It’s a good idea to think about what style of sofa you think you’ll want. Do you want the space to feel more formal or casual? Do you want multiple sofas, or just one? A standard sofa or a sectional? This is where the customization element really comes into play. With hundreds of upholstery fabrics and leathers, plus smaller details like nailheads and foot finishes, we can work with you to create something that’s a true reflection of your personal style.

We encourage you to visit our showroom on Capitol Drive in Brookfield and get started with a complimentary consultation today! Our team of award-winning Milwaukee interior designers is at the ready to help create beautiful spaces to suit your lifestyle – starting with a new sofa!