Finding the Perfect Chandelier

There is nothing quite like the statement a gorgeous chandelier makes. A grand fixture hung in an entryway offers a breathtaking welcome to your home. A unique fixture in a dining space serves as a functional conversation pieces. Our award-winning designers can help you find the perfect style to suit your home in the Milwaukee area and beyond. Here’s a bit about some of the most popular styles of chandeliers.


Likely the first type of chandelier most people think of, crystal styles are often the center of attention. Often featuring multiple levels or “tiers,” these fixtures are the quintessential piece of dramatic and dazzling style. These fixtures are most often found in entryways and formal dining rooms.


Often made using materials like wrought iron, traditional styles are both beautiful and durable. These fixtures come in a variety of styles from “plain,” which lets the scroll design take center stage, to more ornate with accents. Traditional chandeliers are often similar in style to crystal chandeliers, but more toned down – their job is to enhance the room without being a focal point.



These chandeliers are often much more streamlined, featuring clean lines and polished or brushed metals. Whether a stunningly simple modern fixture or a bit more “funky” style, serving as both a piece art as well as a light fixture, contemporary styles can suit many homes.


Often featuring more natural materials like wood or antiqued metals, these chandeliers have become much more popular amongst a wider variety of home styles. If you’re a fan of the “rustic luxe” look, which blends the warmth of rustic design with the luxury and glam of modern design, this style may be for you.

To learn about chandeliers and other lighting, visit our showroom in Brookfield! Our designers are here to help clients throughout the Milwaukee area find one-of-a-kind styles for their home.